Astronomy Events

Mornington Peninsula Astronomical Society
The Briars (Cloud Free Night)

Mount Burnett Observatory
Mount Burnett (Cloud Free Night)

Perth Astrofest
29 Feb 2020, Bentley, Western Australia

Perth (Cloud Free Night)

Messier Star Party
14-15 Mar 2020, LMDSS (Ladys Pass), Victoria

LMDSS (Cloud Free Night)
Astronomical Society of Victoria

Snake Valley Astro Camp
20-23 Mar 2020, Snake Valley, Victoria

Snake Valley (Cloud Free Night)

South Pacific Star Party
21-24 May 2020, Wiruna, New South Wales

Wiruna (Cloud Free Night)

Mungo Shearers' Quarters
24-30 May 2020, Mungo, New South Wales

Mungo (Cloud Free Night)

Star Stuff
18 Jul 2020, Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay (Cloud Free Night)

CWAS Astrofest
20-21 Jul 2019, Parkes, New South Wales

Parkes (Cloud Free Night)

Queensland Astrofest
14-23 Aug 2020, Camp Duckadang (Avoca Vale), Queensland

Avoca Vale (Cloud Free Night)

1-3 Aug 2019, Ulverstone, Tasmania

Ulverstone (Cloud Free Night)

VicSouth Desert Spring Star Party
25-28 Oct 2019, Nhill, Victoria

Astronomical Society of Victoria
Astronomical Society of South Australia
Little Desert (Cloud Free Night)

Ballaarat Astronomical Society
Ballarat (Cloud Free Night)

Astronomy Events